maandag 21 oktober 2019

Visible mending

Some time ago I discovered visible mending on Instagram, the perfect solution for my daughter’s jeans. She works with chemicals and sometimes that results in tiny damaged spots on her jeans. So I gave it a try. First I made a woven square, you can still see the damaged spot behind the unwoven threads. This square was done in 2 different DMC colour variation threads: green for the first step and pink/purple for the weaving.
Then I added a triangle in the green colour variations.
Another triangle in the pink/purple colour variations to hide the last damaged spot.
And this is the finished mending.
I already washed her jeans a few times and the embroidery stays pretty. My daughter was so happy, she wanted me to repair her black jeans too.
This one got some woven puzzle pieces in pink, which didn’t photograph very well on the black jeans.

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