Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 blocks

I made 5 blocks for Karen’s class embroider, embellish create. The sizes are between 6 x 9 inch and 10 x 16 inch. This is the first one I made and the biggest. The fabric with the scalloped edge was part of  a shawl.
My second block, it’s almost the same size as the first one.
My third block. I used a scalloped edge of a woman's dress I bought at the flea market just 2 days ago.
My fourth block. The fabric in the top right left corner is part of a hanky.
My fifth block, the smallest one. It only has 3 pieces, the one in the top left corner has a nice scalloped edge.
I wrote about the goodies for this class here and here. There’s a photo of all 5 blocks on my Flickr-page.


  1. these are wonderful! You are so quick!!!

  2. These look really nice, can't wait to see them when they're embroidered :)

  3. looks very beautiful!! look forward what will happen with them! :) good luck!

  4. Looking good! You've already gotten so much done!

    I made some prairie points and rouleau loops yesterday. Today, I hope to get at least one small section pieced together.


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