Monday, April 30, 2012


Every year on April 30 I go to the Koninginnedag flea market with a friend. This year I wanted to see if I could buy some pretty fabrics, lace and doilies for Karen’s class. The weather was very nice, so it was a real pleasure to look at all the things people wanted to sell. I had two empty bags when I left home, but they were stuffed with goodies when I came back! Let me show you the doilies first. Here’s one with a pretty lace edging. I bought 3 of them with a matching table runner.
This is a doily with cutwork, I like the aberrant shape.
A crocheted doily, I bought two of these.
Another pretty lace doily.
I was very lucky to find a few lace curtains. This gorgeous curtain is just a big piece of lace. I think it's about 2 meters long.
This is another gorgeous curtain, it has a very wide piece of lace at the bottom. I like the scallops and the flowers.
I also found a few pretty toddler dresses. I’m going to use their fabric and lace. This dress reminded me of the dress my youngest daughter wore when she was a baby.
Another pretty dress. This one has small loops at the edge of the collar, if I’m correct I’m going to learn how to make these in the coming weeks.
This was the first thing I bought today. It’s a pretty dress with lots of lace. There’s a petticoat under the skirt.
When I was looking at a few embroidered wall hangings, the lady told me I could buy them for € 0,15! She also told me she didn't stitch them. There are so many hours of stitching in these pieces, I just had to take them home. There are lots of satin stitches, stem stitches and buttonhole stitches in them. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. There were 3 wall hangings, a clown with a saxophone,
. . . a gnome with an owl . . .
. . . and a gnome watering the flowers.
Now it’s time to wash and iron my goodies so they are ready to use in the coming weeks.


  1. How lucky are you certainly you have some lovely bits and pieces here.Unfortunately we do not have places that sell some heirlooms around here,or maybe we do and I just need to find them.

  2. I love those wall hangings..lucky,lucky Annet!! :)

  3. So nice!! Love all of it. I need to find something like the Koninginnedag flea market around here!

    Airy Nothing


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