Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Art Journal Simple Prompts

I’m participating in a weekly challenge on Instagram: Art Journal Simple Prompts (#ajsp52w).

The prompt for week 26 was Z. I made a collage with swans (zwanen in Dutch), an ugly duckling and a crocodile.
The prompt for week 27 was 1 (een in Dutch). It reminded me of a quote of Godfried Bomans at the Grand Gala du Disque in 1963. You can see the part I used in this video, it starts at 5:10. Godfried tells a story about seeing a movie with Marlene Dietrich in it. Then the man next to him says: “Had mijn vrouw maar een zo’n been.” Which is Dutch for if only my wife had such a leg.
The prompt for week 28 was 2. Again I did some handlettering, it’s Dutch for if you let go you have 2 hands free.

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