Monday, May 29, 2017


I finished the last 4 prompts of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered book. For prompt 28 I used a photo of a kaleidoscope I made in 2011. It's a detail of my embroidery made with an online tool. Take a look at the other kaleidoscopes I made at time the here. the background is acrylic paint and washi tape.
28 Kaleidoscope
For prompt 29 I made a collage from magazine clippings and an old typed page from a book report a made for my school exams, many years ago. I’m glad I still have these, because I don’t have a typewriter anymore.
29 Typewriter
Prompt 30 was difficult. I tried to make thunder clouds with black and white acrylic paint. The word bliksem (which is Dutch for lightening) is cut from shiny golden origami paper.
30 Thunder & lightening
Of course I had to use my zodiac sign for prompt 31. I found this cross stitched Saggitarius last year at my parents’ house. I remember I stitched this many many years ago, so it’s nice to finally use it.
31 Zodiac
I'm glad I finished my prompts in time for ICAD, which starts on June 1. I share them on my Facebook blog the day I create them and I’ll write a weekly post with more info here. You can read all about ICAD at Daisy Yellow.
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  1. You are so productive! and every page is different from the other. Thank you for taking us on your adventures.

    1. Thanks, Queenie. I hope you enjoy my ICAD adventure too!

  2. Lovely work, these pages are amazing, each so different.

    1. Thanks, Sheryl. I just go where these prompts take me.


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