Monday, May 22, 2017


I finished prompts 21-27 of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered books. For prompt 21 I took a pretty photo and cut it in pieces. I glued them in my altered book, added green acrylic paint and drew a few red lines with a Fude ball.
21 Horizon
For prompt 22 I painted the background in orange acrylic paint. While I waited for it to dry I wrote about our uncertain times (my husband lost his job last month). I used an orange gell pen. I tore the paper in pieced and collaged it to the background. The quote is added with a bold marker.
22 Uncertain
Prompt 23 reminded me of the batik scraps of the first fabric book page I made a few years ago. It had Mistyfuse at the back, so I could iron the batik roosters to my collage.
23 Batik
I knew prompt 24 was fruit, so I was putting fruit stitckers on this page for weeks. It’s the last spread in my altered book Rooie, so now I can finish the outside of this book.
24 Fruit
Of course I had to use the zentangle Paradox for this prompt, it’s one of my favourite zentangles!
25 Paradox
Prompt 26 reminded me of the collage I made for ICAD last year, but now I wanted to do something different. It’s inspired by the word clouds you can make online. Wolk is Dutch for cloud.
26 Cloud
For prompt 27 I used the same photo as the self-portrait I made for the Mixed Emotions workshop.
27 Self-portrait
As you can see I have speed up the proces of making the Wonder31 prompts. I want to finish them this month, because I’m participating in ICAD in June and July. It will be my second year. You can read all about ICAD at Daisy Yellow.
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  1. Each page is unique. My favorite is the zentangle.

  2. once again you amaze me with how you do these pages such creativity lovely

  3. What exciting work! I love the window at the top of the post! Have a lovely week! Christine x


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