Monday, June 5, 2017

ICAD 1-5

This year I’m participating in ICAD (Index Card A Day) again, it’s my second time. There’s a weekly theme with daily prompts. I share them on my Facebook blog the day I create them and I’ll write a weekly post with more info here. You can find the theme and prompts at DaisyYellow.

For my first card I painted old book pages from the Dutch book Dokter Vlimmen in yellow, orange and red. I tore strips from these pages and glued them on my card. The blue stripes in the background are made with a very old marker. I decorated my card with a sun stamp.
On this second card I made some found poetry from our local newspaper on a graffiti background. It’s in Dutch and grammatically correct, but doesn’t make sense.
On card three I glued a vintage lady and added a matching quote. The background is again made with a marker.
Of course I have to add some embroidery to my cards from time to time. This lavender is inspired by a Lavender & Lace fabric book page I made a few years ago. I stitched on a painted book page.
This morning I made card 5. Just a simple collage to say I like snail mail. I received the kawaii postman in a swap.
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  1. lots to see and admire here today you have been busy with your creativity

    1. Thanks, Margaret. It's fun to do the daily creative puzzle iwth theme and prompt.

  2. You are indeed productive, and think up these interesting cards. The snail mail postman is charming!

    1. Thanks, Queenie. I've got the postman in a swap from China, but it was part of an envelope from a museum in Singapore.


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