Sunday, May 14, 2017


I finished prompts 16-20 of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered books. This is just a simple drawing with markers on an acrylic background.
16 Architecture
Prompt 17 was not so easy, I only knew I wanted to use this zebra in my spread. It took me some time to see it was a zebrapad, which is Dutch for crosswalk or zebra crossing.
17 Zebra
I drew these circles with markers on an acrylic background. My daughter told me this would be a nice fabric and I think she’s right!
18 Circles
This spread was inspired by the four-letter words spread I made last year. It was not easy to find so many different three-letter words!
19 Text or texture
Today I finished prompt 20. I used the playing cards of an incomplete set of cards.
20 Playing card
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  1. They are all great Annet!
    Yes, I agree with your daughter!
    However, I especially like what you have done with the playing cards ..... I thought those pages were fabric, initially.
    The Zebra pages are very striking too!
    Barbara x

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I'm trying to get into the habit of journaling daily again, so I can keep up in the ICAD challenge again this year.

  2. such wonderful imagination you have to create so much and all so different

    1. Thanks, Margaret. It's fun to see what inspires me for these prompts. That's what makes them all so different.


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