Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yogi Tea tag ATC swap

Yogi tea is one of my favourite teas, the Classic variety is delicious! Every teabag has a tag with a quote on it and I always thought I should use them creatively. For this swap I collected them for 2 weeks before I decided which quotes to use on my ATC’s. A few weeks ago I prepared a new altered book and painted some of the pages I removed during that process. I used 2 of them for the background of my ATC’s.
It was a surprise to see the white Yogi tea tags on the pretty ATC’s I received. They are made by Bonnie from the USA. Fun to see the tags are different in other parts of the world!
Bonnie’s ATC’s where in my mailbox before I sent mine to Heather in the USA. I thought she might like a few extra Yogi tea tags from the Netherlands, so I made an extra card with tags for her to accompany my ATC’s. She was very happy with them!
Of course I have many tea tags left, I’m sure I’m going to use some of them in my new altered book!


  1. well tea tags are new to me, we are behind the times here i the UK or maybe I just buy the wrong tea, they are good fun and you have used them well

    1. Thanks, Margaret. It was fun to finally use my tea tags!


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