maandag 8 september 2014

Leo and sun ornament

I participated in a Zodiac, sun or moon ornament swap. My swap partner wanted a Leo ornament and I knew she liked vintage. I have a few vintage magazines, one of them is this Ariadne dated June 15, 1967 with all Zodiac patterns.
I used 2 and 4 threads of stranded floss to stitch the Leo on Gingham.  
The edge is couched with knitting yarn.
I received a sun ornament for the same swap. This cheerful sun is made for me by Mary.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. They are very different but both are great looking designs.

    1. Thanks Queenie, it was fun to stitch the Leo. The sun is hanging in my workspace.

  2. you do have some old magazines and can see how useful this one was, great swaps