zondag 9 juni 2013

Coral stitch & Granitos

Last Friday there was a new sampler at &Stitches with a stitch that was new to me: Granitos. My sampler is smaller and a bit different from the template, because I already know what to do with it. TAST stitch 66 is coral stitch and that’s what I used for the outlines. The thread is perle 5.
My first Granitos flower with 4 threads of stranded floss. I added French knots, fly stitches and detached chain stitches.
My second Granitos flower with perle 8, this looks much better. I made a total of 5 straight stitches in each petal.
My last Granitos flower is done in Stef Francis perle 5. Again I made a total of 5 straight stitches in each petal.
Before I started stitching Granitos I watched Mary Corbet’s video. she used her nails to help the threads, but I used a second needle. I just put it under the first stitch to help positioning the thread.
Just put the needle under all threads and make sure the new thread is below before you pull through.
And this is my sampler with all Granitos flowers.

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  1. Nice! It's also lovely with wool thread when you're doing wool embroidery. Australian "Gumnut Yarns" look gorgeous in this stitch.

  2. Oh, I can feel the whole sampler will be lovely.
    I have yet to do a Granitos stitch. Thanks for the tip with the helping needle.
    The open flowers and the buds look good together and the coral stitches are perfect for sectioning off the areas.

  3. Beautiful Annet. Thanks for the tip. Coral stitch looks nice.


  4. like the idea of putting a circle down and dividing it up for your different stitches, love the actual stitches too of course, beautifully done

  5. Oh this is lovely! I look forward to seeing what you do with the rest of the sampler. :-)

  6. I saw the sampler on &Stitches, but I love what you've done with the Granitos stitch (which was also new to me, thanks so much for the photos!!!) and the Coral Stitch outline :)

  7. You have done some beautiful work, the stitches are lovely!

  8. Lovely work Annet. I hadn't heard of the granitos stitch, I love what you have done with it. Dianne.

  9. Today I have posted Granitos as a Sunday Stitch School stitch and given a link to this page as your tip of how to use the needle to control the thread is so good. I hope this is OK with you.

    1. Of course that's Ok, Queenie. I share these tips to help people and this way more people can find it. Thanks!