Friday, June 28, 2013

Buttonholed double chain

TAST stitch 69 is buttonholed double chain. First I made 2 mirrored rows with 
perle 5. I left some space between the rows to fill with other stitches.
My TAST 2010 fabric book was on my worktable for the buttonholed double chain, so I flipped through the pages to find a nice stitch for the space between my rows. I choose the raised chain stitch, you can take a look at my TAST 2010 raised chain sampler here.
The raised chain stitch is worked on a base of straight stitches, which I stitched with 4 threads of stranded floss.
Then I made the raised chain stitch with Stef Francis spun silk with flames, a lovely thread that changes in colour and thickness. Take a closer look at my sampler here.
A few weeks ago Nicole of &Stitches asked me if I would like to do an interview about my experiences with TAST. You can read it here.
My next post will be an update of my version of the garden sampler from &Stitches.


  1. All the variations of chain stitch... The combination of Buttonholed Double Chain and Raised Chain is a good one. You have selected good colours and thread, too.
    I'll now go and read your interview.

  2. Great interview over at & Stitches!

  3. great to rad your interview and see one or two samples I had not seen before. Your latest buttonholed double chain is another great example

  4. I like the raised chain between the buttonholed double chain.

    Read your interview. I have a hard time keeping up with all my blogs and Flickr and Pinterest, so I hadn't realized you were doing books for all your TAST stitches. Wish I'd thought of that! Something else I learned and will try to do is keep notes as I practice and try new stitches. That makes so much sense. I'm thinking the studio journal will be a good note place (although probably pasted in, not directly added).


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