dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Old buttonholed double chain stitches

TAST stitch 69 is buttonholed double chain. When I saw it today, I remembered my struggle with this stitch. I only made a sampler in 2010 and never used this stitch again. It’s a pity, because when my sampler was finished I really liked the look of this stitch.
At the left are my very first buttonholed double chain stitches. I couldn’t get it right, so I continued with the Turkman stitch aka double chain stitch. At the time I was playing catch-up and decided to stitch the Turkman stitch first. It helped me getting the rhythm of the double chain stitch so I could move on to the buttonholed double chain stitch.
These are the first rows on my TAST 2010 sampler. I started with yellow perle 5 at the left side. I had the same problems as the first time, but after a few stitches 
I saw how it was supposed to look. Then I stitched the purple row in perle 5 and made it wider. This looked much better, but I didn't like the beginning and ending of the rows. I started the next row in Stef Francis perle 5 the same as the Turkman stitch (aka double chain). The orange row is sitched with a full thread of stranded floss. I started with 2 open chain stitches and ended with the buttonholes. I started the last purple row in perle 8 at the right side with a buttonhole bar. This was how I wanted it to look!
Here I played a little with the name buttonholed double chain. I stitched the Turkman stitch (aka double chain) in yellow and buttonholed the zigzag in purple. The threads are perle 8.
The last experiments on my sampler are some freestyle buttonholed double chain stitches. Both threads are perle 5.
Take a closer look at my old buttonholed double chain stitch sampler here.

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  1. I guess this stitch is a 'challenge stitch'. It will be fun and a bit scary to try them out. Thank you for sharing all your experiences and solutions.

  2. this does look a lot more complicated than previous stitches, now 7 weeks behind, must make an effort to catch up one day!