Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - March 6

This is the 5th element on my long and short stitch sampler. There are 2 shades of green in it and I have to add a darker shade of green.
There’s no tension problem anymore, because I finally wrapped my 4 inch hoop. 
I like using this hoop for small embroidery pieces.
And here’s my quilting progress on the backside of my quilt. I started quilting the 3 long lines at the right side, a total of 120 cm or 47 inch.
Last week Paula asked me if I knew how much I quilt in an hour. And Queenie asked me how many stitches were left to quilt. Well, I took the challenges.
I needed 35 minutes this week, so that’s a speed of 205 cm or 80 inch in one hour. That includes one cup of tea, threading 3 needles, finishing 3 threads and moving the hoop ones. Now there’s still 570 cm or 224 inch (about 1350 stitches) to quilt, so my quilting could be finished in less than 3 hours!

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  1. Hahaha, geweldig Annet, dat je dat allemaal hebt uitgerekend. Wel lekker om te weten dat je nog maar drie uurtjes nodig hebt om het quiltwerk te voltooien. Is ie volgende week klaar! :-)
    Nee hoor, ik plaag je maar. Je hebt zoveel project waarmee je bezig bent, dan gaan er vast nog wel een paar weken inzitten.
    Succes en veel plezier!

  2. Oh, Annet, you're the best!!! I did not mean you to take the 'challenge' seriously, but feel honoured that you did check the speed and number of stitces you need for quilting. You're so quick AND have time for a teabreak!
    Thank you for your effort.
    A wrapped hoop is a good way to prevent tension problems and the shaded leaf is coming along beautifully.

  3. two more work in progress with a little less to do now, your quilting is coming along well, sounds a lot to do in cms, not so much in inches. Like you I like to work with a hoop.

  4. Oh, wow, beautiful! Is it quilted by hand, I suppose? Great work!

  5. Your long short stitched leaf is looking very good. I would like to try long short embroidery again using crewel wool. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!


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