Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buttonholed herringbone stitch

TAST stitch 55 is buttonholed herringbone stitch. I’ve used it to give this charming lady a nice collar. The base is half herringbone half Cretan stitch. The loop at the top is attached with detached chain stitches. The thread is cotton a broder. I turned this into an ATC.
This is an experiment on 14 count Aida. The thread is perle 8. First I made 2 foundation rows in herringbone stitches in 2 different sizes.
And this is the finished row. It would be nice to add beads or other stitches, but I’m not going to do that on this sampler.


  1. Je bent ook wel een CreaBea hè. Mooi bedacht en gemaakt die ATC!

  2. I love reading blogs and finding ways to use the TAST stitches I have not thought of myself. Fat-Quarter is such a wonderful blog.

  3. your collar is fabulous Annet!

  4. very lovely collar and I like the way you have done this sample.I did not get this idea.


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