donderdag 7 maart 2013

Herringbone square & laced square herringbone

Yesterday I experimented with herringbone square on 14 count Aida. First I stitched it in 8 different threads. From left to right: 2 threads of stranded floss, perle 12, perle 8, Caron Wildflowers, Caron Watercolours, silk, perle 5 and 
4 threads of stranded floss in 2 different colours.
This is a row of herringbone squares on point. I stitched it from left to right and it’s partly woven. The thread is Caron Wildflowers.
I started each new herringbone square inside the previous one. First I took the thread under the bar of the previous stitch.
And in the last step of the stitch I took it over the previous stitch and under the first step of the herringbone square I’m working on. I like this very much, it would make a great CQ seam.
Then I stitched laced square herringbone with the same threads as the first row. They are very different in height.
Take a closer look at my sampler here.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Your herringbone samples look very good and I like the colour thread and cloth you stitched them on. This is one stitch that I definitely have to try.

  2. The best places to go for stitch samplers and variations are the blogs of Annet and Chitra! You do all the job for us!!! Very interesting to see how the stitch looks in various threads. The way you have stitched the row of Herringbone Squares makes them appear to be Celtic Knots, indeed a pretty CQ seam.

  3. lovely colours used to show your great stitches.

  4. Annet, so lovely to look at your stitches. I just thought like Queenie - and then I only read her comment. You should publish a dictionary!

  5. Thank you for sharing your making of the stitches! i always learn from you,Annet!

  6. Beautiful samples with colorful thread.