dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Sailor stitch & sailor’s edge

TAST stitch 56 is sailor stitch, which is basically a chain stitch tied with a buttonhole stitch. This first row is stitched in Caron Watercolours.
It reminded me of the spiked knotted cable chain, which is basically an oyster stitch tied with a buttonhole stitch. So I stitched them under my sailor stitch with the same thread to see the difference.
Then I stitched another row of sailor stitches in perle 8. I varied the size of the buttonhole part of the stitch.
TAST stitch 57 is sailor’s edge. I found this stitch in my embroidery book Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton. There’s it called sailor edging and it’s worked at the edge of the fabric. I tried to translate that to Aida with perle 8. I’m planning to use both stitches on other projects in the coming weeks.
Take a closer look at my samples here.

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