Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TAST design challenge 1

I had lots of idea’s for this design challenge, but most of them are very time consuming. So I decided to combine this challenge with something on my to-do-list: 
a fabric book with CQ seams on Aida. This is the first CQ seam on the first page.
First I stitched herringbone squares with perle 5.
Then I added herringbone squares on point with cotton a broder.
Inside the herringbone squares I stitched 4 detached chain stitches . . .
. . . and 4 straight stitches. Both are done with 1 thread of stranded floss.
Then I finished it with a French knot in DMC 80.
Take a closer look at this seam here.


  1. what a nice idea for a border. I like it !

  2. I love this layered seam treatment! What a great design.

  3. What a wonderful piece of composite stitching. Looking very nice indeed!

  4. You are not only skilful, but smart as well! This was a great way of taking part in the design challenge!

  5. wonderful way to show your excellent stitching.

  6. Wonderful how you created and stitched this border!

  7. Great idea for a border. I liked how you varied thread weights and types with each stitch variation!


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