woensdag 14 november 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - November 14

Yesterday I realized it was Tuesday and there was no progress on my quilt! I’m so glad I joined Work In Progress Wednesday, because now it pushed me to do some quilting. I finished the part between the centre flower and the one next to it at the right side. It only took me an hour, my fingers are getting used to quilting!
backside of my quilt

4 opmerkingen:

  1. gorgeous work Annet but you must remember to look after the fingers!!!

  2. At some of the quilt shows in Japan they display the back of some quilts so we can see how neat the quilting is. I bet both front and back of your quilt would be shown, if it were to be displayed here. Great work, but as karen said, take care of those fingers.

  3. this is coming along so well and your quilting is immaculate.

  4. Hi Annet I am pleased the Wednesday deadline helps - I know it makes me sit at something too. This quilt is coming along well.