maandag 26 november 2012

Portuguese border stitch

The TAST stitch for week 47 is Portuguese border stitch. I don’t like the beginnings of the stitch, but Queeniepatch found a great solution. Of course I had to try it too, it works great! First I stitched a few rows with different threads. From left to right: 
perle 8, perle 5 and Stef Francis spun silk with flames on a base of perle 8.
Then I flipped through my TAST 2010 fabric book to see what I had done at the time. I noticed the VanDyke stitch and thought it could be a base for the Portuguese border stitch. I stitched it with perle 5.
I used the arms of the VanDyke stitch for the Portuguese border stitch in perle 5.
There was room for one more experiment, so I had to think which stitch to use for the foundation. I thought about pistil or buttonhole stitches, but decided to try the Cretan stitch. I stitched it with 4 threads of stranded floss . . .
. . . and used the arms for the Portuguese border stitch in perle 8. The left one is stitched from top to bottom, the right one from bottom to top.
The complete 2 x 2 inch Aida sampler is on my Flickr-page.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love these stitches especially the ones on the thicker yarn...

  2. Je experimenten zijn goed geslaagd!

  3. you have really taken this stitch to new heights, such imagination to include other stitches with it.

  4. Thank you Annet for your link to my blog and the kind words.
    I followed the instructions in a Danish book! I often check various books, websites and other sources to find the instructions that are easiest for ME to follow. I have even turned a book upside down and worked a stitch in the opposite direction because it felt better for ME.

    Your imagination and clever use of the stitches never cease to amaze me. If I Google imagies for a stitch your work is bound to show up on the screen!
    Here you have made a very attractive combination of Creatan and Portuguese Border stitches.