zaterdag 17 november 2012

Scrapquilt 1

The last few days I did a lot of stitching, but I cannot share it yet. In the meantime 
I want to share an old project I want to pick up next year, when my Vintage Valentine quilt is finished. Many years ago I made a Dresden plate block from scraps. All petals are made of different fabrics.
It was just a practise block, so I thought it could be a nice pillow if I added a border.
I liked it, but then I thought it could be a nice scrappy quilt. So I added a 4 log cabin triangles.
My quilt was still not finished. Next time I tell you what I added.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie quilt, Annet. De afwisseling in randen, aan de ene kant blokjes en de andere kant flying geese vind ik erg origineel, ook de log cabin blokken in de hoeken.

  2. Mooi! Ik wil dit ooit nog eens leren....
    wat betreft de petit four.. maak er een bossche bol van... die hebben geen slagroom bovenop ;))

    fijn weekend,

  3. loving your quilt it all works so well together. Last week I bought a dresden plate template, however it is still unused!

  4. I love these type of projects when they start their life as one thing and keep growing... It is almost like they have a mind of their own... Looks great... Looking forward to seeing more - thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments...

    Take care

  5. I agree with Sharon; it is nice to see how a project has a life of its own and decides for you what it wants to become!