donderdag 1 november 2012

Lavender & old lace

Lavender & old lace is Mary’s theme for the book page swap at Fibre Fever. It was a great excuse to buy new fabric, because there was no lavender in my stash! The lace at the bottom right corner came from an old toddler dress I bought at a flea market, the neat corner was already there! The lavender is stitched with stranded floss in backstitches, detached chain stitches and French knots. I found the pattern here. I used Caron Watercolours for the beaded Hedebo edge. The flower lace is attached with straight stitches in DMC Jewell Effects.
Take a closer look at this book page here.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. very pretty block, nipped over to your flickr page to see it in all its glory, sorry I am not commenting on flickr at the moment, running out of hours in the day but really enjoyed seeing a larger version.