dinsdag 13 november 2012

Old checkered or magic chain stitches

The TAST stitch for week 46 is checkered or magic chain. I learned this stitch in 2011 when I was catching up on  the last TAST 2010 stitches. I made one big sampler and tried all stitches at the edge first.
Then I mixed them with the other TAST stitches. Here I ended the magic chain with pistil stitches.
It seems this was the only time I used this stitch. I hope to find the time to experiment with it this week. Mary Corbet’s video could be a great help if you have trouble with this stitch.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Bijzondere steek, met twee kleuren. Volgens mij kun je daar heel veel mooie dingen mee bedenken.

  2. looking to see what else you do with this stitch when you experiment.

  3. Thanks for posting what you did with this stitch. Doesn't look too difficult.

  4. I like that Pistil stitch ending. Looking forward to what you will delight us with this time.

  5. Thanks for sharing your exercises. I like the Pistil stitch at the end of magic chain stitch. Looking forward what you will share next.