Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old Palestrina stitches

The TAST stitch for week 26 is Palestrina stitch. It was fun flipping through my photo’s for my weekly post, I’m glad my photo’s are labelled! This first sample is my TAST 2007 sampler. It’s stitched with 4 threads of stranded floss on muslin.
This is a seam on block 6 of my Crazy Monday quilt. It’s stitched with 3 threads of stranded floss and I made a pattern by varying the length of the arms.
This is a seam on my crazy ATC Sealife. It’s stitched with cotton a broder.
Palestrina stitch in perle 5 for the border of my sorbello stitch sampler, a TAST 2010 stitch. There’s a slideshow about the making of this sampler here.
Here I made a circle of Palestrina stitches with perle 5. The arms of the stitch are on the inside. This is a work in progress detail of Nefertiti.
Sharon’s examples made me think about my first crazy white block, I think it needs some Palestrina stitches.


  1. All your samples are beautiful. Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.


  2. you have made wonderful samples. thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you once again for posting your TAST pictures. This will be yet another new stitch for me. Hope to try my hand at it this evening.

  4. This stitch really has a lot of faces, just change the thread, the length or the angle and you've got a 'new' stitch. Looking at your photos they all look like different stitches. Well done!


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