Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric paper challenge 2

Today I finished the last ATC for the fabric paper challenge I wrote about here. I had not touched an embroidery needle since I finished my last TAST sampler! For now I only show you some details. On this first detail there's a piece of ribbon (3/4 inch wide) with chicken scratch. I used one thread of stranded DMC. On the next ATC I attached a piece of lace with beads.
This embroidery is inspired by my zentangle Ixorus.
On this ATC I stitched the moss stitch. It's slightly different than the one I learned in Sharon's PLOS class. I found this one in my embroidery book A-Z embroidery stitches.
A needle tatted flower with beads. The thread is a perle 8.
This is the same flower in a different color without beads. I attached it with a brad.
I made a new piece of small rickrack hairpin lace in a matching color. It's the same as one of my first experiments here. I decorated it with beads.
For the last ATC I used the damaged part of the fabric paper. I just made some running stitches around it.


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