Friday, February 4, 2011

Broken Needle Festival

This is the needle case I made a few years ago for my sewing-box. It's foundation pieced by hand. And this is the inside of my needle case. I use these needles if I have to sew on a button or something like that.
For my embroidery needles I use this needle case. It's a log cabin pattern with folded squares between it. When it was finished I folded the squares to make them round and appliqued them.
But for my quilting needles I have to make a new one. The one I use now is just a piece of fabric with some felt to hold the needles. The felt is getting old after 10 years and I have to be careful where to put the needles or they disappear. Next week there's going to be a special event on Stitchin Fingers. It's inspired by the Hari-Kuyo ceremony in Japan, where women bring their broken or worn out needles to thank them for good service and lay them to rest. You can read all about it at Pintangle. I'm planning to make a new needle case for my quilting needles for this event.

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