Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crayon experiments

Last week I experimented with crayon rubbings for Sharon's journal class. I used the bottom of my frying-pan and a grating for it. That gave me some hexagon and square patterns to play with. This is the rubbing page I made in my journal. The circles and hearts are done with crayons and ironed between baking paper to set the colours. For the square I used coloured pencils.
I also experimented with white cotton and red, yellow and blue crayons. These where ironed the same way and then washed in the washing-machine.
This was an old experiment with crayon tinting. I just drew the flower on the fabric with crayons, ironed and washed it the same way as the crazy fabric. Today I added the embroidery and put it in my journal.
This was part of the same old experiment with crayon tinting. But I coloured on a print of a pattern I found at Pimpstitch. Then I made a copy on the fabric by ironing it the same way as the other fabric experiments. This is also embroidered today and in my journal.
Now it's time for lesson 2, I'm going to paint!

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  1. Wonderful results from your 'scribbling' with crayons, Annet! I especially like the grids from your frying pan. How creative!


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