Saturday, February 5, 2011

Old needle case

Yesterday I wrote about my plans to make a new needle case for my quilting needles. I didn't had a picture of my old needle case, because I never made one. This old needle case was part of my sewing caddy. There's a pincushion in the middle with the same fabric. This is an old picture, I got a new sewing caddy for my birthday last year. Today I started the embroidery for my new needle case and took a picture of my old one at the same time. Maybe you can guess what kind of pattern I use?
This is the inside of my needle case. At the left side are my quilt needles and at the right side the needles I use for redwork, an applique needle and a large needle to sandwich my quilts. I'm not sure why there's a big needle, I think I used it to weave in thread ends of my crochet. At the bottom right is an old bended quilt needle. It was my first quilt needle and I don't want to throw it away!

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