Sunday, January 30, 2011

PLOS fabric book page 6, 7 & 8

I finished the last pages for my PLOS fabric book. They are all 4 x 6 inch. My blue sampler was the last one for week 4.
This is the first sampler for week 5.
I started this floral sampler in week 5 and finished it with some stitches of week 6. It was difficult to make a page of this sampler, because the horizontal threads of the fabric where not straight.
The cover for this fabric book will have to wait. I still want to finish my TAST-sampler before February 15 and I have another project to finish before the end of February. I'll write about that soon.


  1. How very awesome! This fabric books must be wondeful to sort through. I'd want to run my fingers over the stitches though, but would worry I'd stain them.

  2. Love each and every page of the book.But was wondering if it would be possible to remember the names of the stitches without writing them down?

  3. Thanks, Deepa. I kept a notebook during this class where I wrote about the stitches and threads.


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