Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crossed and plaited feather stitch

. . . are the last stitches of TAST 2010. I added both to the border of my last TAST-sampler with perle 8. This is the crossed feather stitch . . . . . . and the plaited feather stitch. I like them both.
Last Friday I wrote about a variation of the houndstooth. I used it for this card. There was some space left at the border of my sampler, so I added the houndstooth. I used perle 8 for the houndstooth and perle 12 for the upright cross stitch.
The border of my sampler was finished and I could start experimenting with the stitches. This is the magic chain, which I finished with pistil stitches. Then I made a whipped wheel in the swirl.
I stitched a curved picot chain and added a buttonhole wheel cup.
Between the magic chain and the picot chain I made 2 rows of knotted loop stitches.
It's not finished yet. To be continued.

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