Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First scrumble

A few weeks ago I saw this lovely scrumble. It looked fun to do, so I tried to find some info about them. I found the scrumbles group at Stitchin Fingers with the links I was looking for. There's lots of eye candy at the site of Prudence Mapstone, but she also has a blog called 'A scrumble a week'. This reminded me of my knitted and crocheted trials! I gathered them all together and started with a knitted border trial with leaves for my Groninger blanket. This is a small detail of my scrumble. I didn't limit myself to crochet only. I also did some knitting and Tunisian crochet (the brown in the middle). My scrumble is only 20 cm (about 8 inch) wide. For now I use it as a doily on my desk. I already started a new scrumble, but that one wants to be a pillow!


  1. This is really pretty! What a great first project!

    I would like to try scrumbling some day...I find it a bit intimidating!

  2. Just give it a try, it's not difficult. I saw you're crocheting amigurimi, so that's a great help for scrumbles too.

  3. I'm going to do this with my bits and pieces.Thank you


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