Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rope stitch

When I saw the name of this stitch, I thought I already knew it. I tried this rope stitch last year in my dragon, but it’s a different one and it’s also called raised rope stitch. First I tried a few rows of the new rope stitch. The top one in pink perle 5 and then two rows with 6 threads of stranded DMC color variations. I stitched one from right to left and the other one from left to right. The bottom one is done in red perle 5 and whipped with pink perle 5.My next experiment is freestyle embroidery with perle 5. I started with the rope stitch I already knew in electric blue. Then I used my leftover threads in my sewing box to make rope stitches around it and some French knots. I don’t think this part is finished yet.

This stitch is very addictive!


  1. I agree Annet it is a very addictive stitch.

  2. Yes it is addictive and I find i use it in all sorts of situations

  3. annet you have some wonderful examples of the stitches.


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