Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buttonhole eyelet flower again

My sampler of the buttonhole eyelet flower is finished. You can click on the pictures to see the details bigger. The center of this pink flower is a sequin, sewed down with 2 threads of stranded DMC. For the bullion knots I used perle 5 again. Each knot has 15 wraps.This colorful experiment is made with a variegated cotton thread. First I made a buttonhole square and then I made 2 bullion knots with 15 wraps on each side.
My last flower is a big one. It is done in perle 5. I made a large buttonhole circle in 2 different yellows. I surrounded it with large bullion knots with 20 wraps! Then I made some knotted loop stitch leaves.
If you want to see my complete sampler, just take a look at my Flickr-page.


  1. Volgens mij heb je deze bloemen inmiddels helemaal onder de knie. De combinatie met de looped knot- blaadjes vind ik erg geslaagd!

  2. Very lovely! I love the sequin being in the middle of the first one, makes it look like a button.

  3. Neat ideas and even neater bullions!


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