Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fancy hem stitch again

I had a lot of fun with the fancy hem stitch. I show you a few details here. You can click on the pictures to see the details bigger. These 2 rows are done in perle 5 with silk wrappings. I only wrapped them twice, because the silk was very thick.The green row is done in perle 5 again and I used the same thread for the wrapping. This way it’s a very boring stitch. So I made a line with DMC broder special and I wrapped it with a shiny green thread. I don’t know what kind of thread it is, there was no info on the spool. It looks like a metallic yarn, but it feels like plastic! This thread was awful to stitch with, but I like the effect. I decorated this row with French knots.
This square is made of 9 shifted rows with no space between them. I made the blue hem stitches first and then I made the wraps in brown and beige.
If you want to see my complete sampler, just take a look at my Flickr-page.


  1. Very lovely. I really like the flower looking one with the orange/yellow and green.

  2. I hadn't seen these before, Annette, love the way you have stitched on the diagonal, your work is always very creative and great colours.

  3. I like your imaginative use of the stitch to tell a different story in the bottom pic. I was staring at the details of how you did the stitch then pulled back and realised how you've made the wraps make a different pattern. I like it.


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