Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buttonhole eyelet flower

These are my very first experiments with the buttonhole eyelet flower. I tried the flowers on the left side first with 5 petals and perle 5. The yellow/red one has 12 wraps and the yellow/ blue one 15 warps. I already had made a lot of bullion knots, but not with perle 5! I had trouble finding a needle that could be pulled through after wrapping. Luckily I found an old one, but I don’t think it’s an embroidery needle. I think it’s for mending socks! But it worked for now. As you can see, the petals of the flowers are all different. I had trouble dividing the circle in 5 parts. So I tried 6 petals on the yellow/purple one at the right side, but that didn’t help. The last one I tried is done with 2 threads of stranded DMC color variations. I used my quilting needle, as I always had done (I bought my first embroidery needles a few months ago!) and made 15 wraps for each petal. This time I had no trouble with the bullion knots, so I think I need another embroidery needle for perle 5.


  1. Your flowers look lovely. I will admit, I didn't actually count my wraps, just estimated. :)

  2. Ja Annet, het is ook mijn ervaring dat het bij de bullion knots belangrijk is hoeveel omslagen je maakt, welke naald je gebruikt en welk garen. Maar het helpt echt goed als je de omslagen niet te strak maakt. Soms gaat dat bij mij mis en zijn bijvoorbeeld de eerste omslagen toch te strak en wil het oog van de naald er dus niet door. In zo'n geval kun je rustig de draad weer terugwinden, want corrigeren is mogelijk bij deze steek zolang je de steek niet helemaal hebt afgerond.

  3. Your flowers look gret Annet --can I suggest you use a Milliners needle for Bullion knots because the needle is the same size all along-it does not get wider where the eye is.
    When I had to divide the flower into 5 equal parts to work the bullion stitch I thought of a clock face and put a dot at 12 o'clock-10 past-20 past-20 to and 10 to which gave me the perfect spacings.
    I hope you understand what I mean.


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