Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raised herringbone band

Before I could try some new stitches, I had to prepare a new piece of fabric. This will be the third page of my fabric book. I use a big square with a seam, so it won’t fray. First I make four squares on it with running stitches (7½ x 7½ cm or 3 x 3 inch). Then I embroider the name of the stitch in backstitches, just outside the square. I use stranded DMC in black for that, 2 threads for the running stitches and 1 thread for the backstitches.The top raised herringbone band was the first one I made. The satin stitches are done in DMC broder special, the herringbone stitch in 3 threads of stranded DMC and the lacing with a metallic thread in blue and black. The second row is done in perle 5. When I made that row it looked good, but when I made this picture the laced thread was shifted! The satin stitches of the bottom row is done with 3 threads of stranded DMC. I used Sulky cotton 30 for the herringbone stitches and I laced it with gold thread. I need to watch my tension!

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  1. Your raised herringbone bands are really good and colourful. Thank you for your comments on mine, I dont know why i started with those colours on my sampler in the first place I find it hard to work in those tones.
    The drawn thread samples were my first attempt and as you can see one still needs to be completed. and will wait for some inspiration stitches for the leaves and hopefully the sampler will get finished.


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