Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hairpin lace doodle

Yesterday I saw my hairpin lace spiral popping up in the popular posts in my sidebar. It reminded me of another experiment I was working on and just had to finish it. This time I made a large strip of 1 cm wide hairpin lace with 200 loops at both sides. Then I just crocheted the edges in different ways to make a doodle. 
I had to frog some parts a few times, but it worked. I’m very pleased with the result.


  1. Looks lovely Annet. I haven't done any hairpin lace for years and it was my grandmother who taught me. I still have a couple looms though somewhere in the house.

  2. very inspirational. Got my mind to clicking a mile a minute at the lengths a little hairpin lace can be taken! Thank you for posting.

    1. Yes, it looks like mile a minute strips, but these strips are very easy to join. Just take a look at Stitch Diva's, the link is in my sidebar under tutorials.

  3. I found your lace through crazyQstitcher at Flickr. It is so so good.


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