Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hairpin lace spiral

Yesterday's zentangle inspired me to try some spiral hairpin lace. I already had a large strip of 2 cm wide hairpin lace in my stash. It took me several trials to figure out how to get the curve I needed. The size is about 14 x 12 cm (6,5 x 4,75 inch).

This is the hairpin lace I made for Suz. I used the hairpin lace patterns I developed last year to see if I could inderstand my own pattern writing after so many months. The circle is about 1,5 inch or 4 cm.


  1. You are one talented lady, Annet. Your swirly hairpin lace is brilliant. Well done. Di.

  2. I love my lace gift, Annet! Your spiral looks wonderful.


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