Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leaves in my studio journal

This is one of my new gesso pages. I made a print in the gesso with this leave. It was part of a Christmas decoration.

This is the same leave with the gesso on it. I liked the effect of this, so I added some more gesso to cover the red at the top side.

When it was dry I painted it with the same watercolour paint as I used in my studio journal.

Then I took lots of detail photo's and played with them on my computer.

With a detail of the last photo I played a little more.

I printed them out to play again in my studio journal. These could be very nice patterns!


  1. I just love the red leaf with the white gesso. The designs are really nice lacy patterns. Your studio journal is so interesting.

  2. Very neat! I love how you found patterns in the laciness of the leaf.

  3. Good pattern you have created Annet. Your journal must be getting full. You are having lots of fun with it.


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