Friday, April 1, 2011

Plos fabric book cover 2

There's some progress on my cover. I embroidered the title first. Then there was some frogging. I thought I made my page 4 1/2 inch wide, but it was only 4 inch! Luckily the seam is wide enough, but I had to change my design a bit. I added 2 opposite rows of buttonhole stitches as a border at the left side. I'm still thinking about what to do at the right side, because it's a bit wider.
Then it was time to start the back of the cover. Nefertiti was part of my work for Sharon's PLOS class, but not one of my samplers. To make it part of my fabric book too, I want to embroider it on the back of my cover. Of course it's going to be different!


  1. Your work is amazing I don't have the patience for fabric. Check my blog comment, subscribe, and follow.

  2. You ARE patient! I don't think I'd be doing the same design over again... but then you did say it would be different. Can't wait to see.


  3. Thank you Faith, you can see it here:

  4. Ik heb eens en andere sort Eghyptische gemaakt



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