woensdag 27 april 2011

Plos fabric book

My fabric book of the samplers for Sharon's class Personal Library of Stitches is finished. This is the front of the cover. I made layers of linen, Mistyfuse, the orts of Nefertiti, Mistyfuse and organza. That way Nefertiti is part of my fabric book too, as I also stitched her at the back of the cover. At the edge of the organza I made 2 rows of opposite buttonhole stitches. The curvy lines are stitched in Portuguese stem stitches. All stitches are done with perle 5. Page one, my border sampler. I temporary added a piece of felt to the inside of the cover to hide a personal stitched message.

Page two, with a quote to remind me of this article.

Page three, I called this sampler Birth.

Page four, a sampler in Chevron stitches with 17 different threads.

Page five, a sampler stitched on felt.

Page six, stitched on dark blue linen fabric.

Page seven, another border sampler.

The last page, I appliqued it to the back of the cover.

I stitched Nefertiti to the back of the cover in a Portuguese stem stitch.

The spine of my fabric book.

It was very difficult to take good photo's, so I made a video while I was flipping throught the pages. If you want to know more about my samplers, just follow this link.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wonderful! I wish I'd planned ahead enough for my samplers to work together. This will be a lovely memento of the class and of you for your heirs, too.

  2. This is soooo amazing! I saw some of the pages on stitchin fingers...love seeing the whole thing. Really beautiful!

  3. Not only do I just LOVE your embroidered / fabric book Annet, but I'd really like to know more about the construction of the book. That intrigues me! Would you share that process with us I wonder?

    1. I made this book 10 years ago and made no notes about the making. But maybe the link to the video underthe last photo gives you an idea how it looks.