Saturday, October 11, 2014

Randje 68, 72, 73 & 76

It’s time for another update on my borders for Randje per week. These are the last 2 borders I stitched on page 3: randje 68 (bottom) and randje 72. Now I have to wait for a border that fits between them.
I continued at page 4 with a new colour combo. These are randje 73 and 76, 
I skip the borders I don’t like.
More info about these free patterns at Randje per week.


  1. it always surprises me how a cross stitch can looks so different when worked in a different pattern, these are good examples

  2. Margaret is right; the cross stitch can play so many tricks, look sharp or soft, elegant or folk crafty.

    1. And they can look ugly too, like the borders I skipped!


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