maandag 2 januari 2012

Herringbone sampler

I finished my herringbone sampler yesterday, just in time for the start of TAST 2012. I started this sampler last month and already wrote about the first rows here. These 4 rows are an experiment with overdyed Sulky cotton 30. Obviously this thread is too thin for my 28 count linen, but I like the pattern of the stitches.

Here I made a border with a herringbone corner with perle 5. The brown triangle is a closed herringbone with perle 8. If you click the photo you can see how I changed the size of the stitches.

I think this row is my favourite. First I stitched the big herringbones with yellow perle 5. Then I made the brown rows with DMC broder special to tie the big herringbones.

This is a great filling or border pattern. I stitched it with 2 threads of stranded floss.

On this sampler I only wanted to use herringbone stitches, because I'm going to attach it to the stitch file worksheet. Then it's easy to see how I made the stitches later. But it would be fun to add beads or other stitches in the open spaces.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. What interesting variants of the seam! Excellent!

  2. Nice herringbone sampler stitches!
    Linda in NM

  3. your favorite is my favorite too.
    love the different sized herringbones combined together like this~!
    very nice.


  4. Yea! You're on Pintangle highlights for this week - deservedly so.
    :Diane - yarngoddess

  5. Lovely variations, as always beautifully stitched! Connie.

  6. nice variations! I love how you turn it to 90 degrees! (I tried too, but was not so lucky as you!)

  7. Thanks for all your samples...such a help to me!