Thursday, December 8, 2011

Herringbone stitch

I'm trying to stitch a few more stitch file samplers before TAST 2012 starts in January. Today I started with the herringbone stitch. It's a grey and rainy day, so I had to use the flash to take my photo's. My first row is stitched with 2 threads of stranded DMC. I turned part of that row into a double herringbone with some orange.

Some mirrored rows with Caron Wildflowers.

Stacked rows with Stef Francis perle 5. Every next row starts halfway the previous one. I like the braided effect of this, it looks very complicated, but it's very simple to stitch.

Stacked rows with DMC broder special.

Closed herringbone stitch with Caron Watercolours.

There's more space left on my sampler, so I can experiment some more.


  1. Your stitch samples are looking great. I really admire your discipline.

  2. Your samples are so self-explanatory; havent yet tried them. Will do soon.


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