dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Floral spray with feather stitch

It was still Monday in my part of the world when Sharon posted the third stitch for TAST 2012, the feather stitch. This morning I knew I wanted to make a floral spray in my altered book. I flipped through the pages to see which one had a matching background. This blue and green page got the same treatment as the last sample I showed in yesterdays post. Without the gesso it was easy to stitch on it with an old embroidery needle. I used stranded floss and a shiny thread that feels like plastic. The flower in the center is origami made of teabags, I made it many years ago.I used fly stitches, buttonhole stitches and straight stitches for the flowers.
There's a better photo of this embroidery at my Flickr-page.

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