Monday, January 16, 2012

Acrylic paint

I'm still working on the backgrounds of the pages in my altered book Een stem van papier. Some time ago Sharon mentioned Caatjes easy peasy journal tutorials. I wanted to try acrylic paint for some time and this tutorial was just the push I needed to get me starting! I started with the second technique, the open and close technique halfway in the first tutorial. I used blue on the left page and red on the right. I just followed the easy instructions and this was the pretty result. Then it was time to try the first technique too, painting with an old card. I used an old phone card. After a few pages I wanted to try something different and used blue and yellow on the same page and spread them with my card. Part of the paint mixed in green, I like the effect of this. The right page is watercolour paint were I didn't use gesso to prepare the page.

My last experiment was on a page that wasn't prepared with gesso. I just added green and red acrylic paint . . .

. . . and spread them with my card. It mixed in brown, just what I needed to match the right page. I wrote about that page here.

It's almost time to decorate my pages, only a few more pages need a background.


  1. Great results! I have that tutorial bookmarked and would like to try this.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing some more!

  3. Leuk hoor! En bedankt voor het noemen van mijn blog, altijd weer vleiend, haha. ;-)

  4. It's looking good! Looking forward to seeing it progress. I'd have such a hard time messing with a book. Maybe I could do it with an outdated tech book. Otherwise, I'll have to stick to blank paper or magazines.



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