Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Triple chain

My crazy blocks are ready, so I have time again to work on the TAST-stitches. I like to work on them before seeing a lot of examples, so I did the triple chain first. It was a great excuse to use the new yarn I bought. This first example is done in a variegated Stef Francis perle 5. I think I need more of this yarn, I like it! Triple chain is a great stitch for the stem of a flower. The big one is done in perle 12, the small one in DMC Jewell effects. This thread looks very pretty, but it's an awful thread to use! The big flower is a buttonhole wheel with 3 rounds of trellis stitches. I already had this idea when I was working on the buttonhole wheel cups, but no time then.
The next 3 examples are variations of the stitch. The left one in perle 12 has side stitches pointing to each othere to make a closed triangle. The middle one in perle 12 has side stitches pointing away from each other to make a zigzag. The right one in perle 5 looks like bamboo! I made the side stitches on one side pointing up and down. With each of these 3 examples I had to alternate with a chain stitch without the side stitches, because there was no space for them!

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  1. Annet, beautiful flower with trellis and triple chain stitch..all the variations are very nice..


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