Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waved chain

There was not much time to do some embroidery this week, because we were on a holiday for a long weekend. But this morning I finished my sampler for the waved chain. I had already started with a few rows last week. The first 3 rows in perle 5 and the green row with beads in perle 8. My butterflies are inspired by these and the one in the last encrusted crazy quilting lesson. I made a bullion knot with 2 pistil stitches to finish them.
Laksmi inspired me to make a cactus with her sample of the waved chain. I used the square knot drizzle stitch for the flowers.
There's a picture of my complete sampler here.

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  1. Annet, your stitch samples are wonderful, your work is always to neat and the colours so nice


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