Thursday, July 8, 2010

Up and down feather stitch

Yesterday I decided to do the up and down feather stitch before I’m going to catch up. I started with the rows at the edges with different threads and angles to see the possibilities. Then it was time to have fun with this stitch! I made a flower with a yellow spiral trellis heart and blue detached chain stitch petals. The up and down feather stitches around it are done in perle 5 and 12. Then I added some bullion rosebuds and a twig made of bugle beads. It’s a great stitch! There’s a bigger picture on my Flickr-page.This stitch is part of the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge at Pintangle.


  1. oh, I like how you've used the stitch here. It's a nice composition, too.

  2. Annet dit ziet er goed uit, ik denk dat ook ik om te beginnen deze steek ga uitproberen om de TAST-draad weer op te pakken.

  3. i agree; it is a great stitch.
    the piece that you've worked here is lovely and i like seeing the up and down feather stitches in various threads.



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