Monday, July 5, 2010

Square knot drizzle stitch

When I was trying double drizzle stitches, I had to think about Lakshmi’s square knot flowers. Why not combine these two and make a square knot drizzle stitch!
Here are two pink square knot drizzle stitches and a drizzle stitch between them. I used perle 12, a milliners needle and I stretched the fabric in an embroidery hoop. For this tutorial I used 2 different colours. That way it was easy to see how I made this stitch and it yields a nice variation with two different sides! This stitch is not difficult if you are familiar with drizzle stitches.
Bring 2 threads up through the fabric and unthread the needle, just like you would do with a normal drizzle stitch. Put the needle back into the fabric slightly above the point you came up and secure the needle by bringing it up a bit further. Bring one thread to the left side of your needle, the other to the right side.
Take the thread on the left side and make a loop over your needle.
Take the thread at the right side and take it over the looped thread, under the needle and through the loop from the back to the front.
Pull both threads gently at the same time to make the first half of your knot.
Take the thread on the right side and make a loop over the needle.
Take the thread at the left side and take it over the looped thread, under the needle and through the loop from the back to the front.
Pull both threads gently at the same time to make the second half of your knot.
Continue making knots until you have the size you want. You always make the loop at the side you see the last loop on top. If you look at this picture, you would make the loop at the left side.
Bring your needle carefully upright again and thread it with both threads. Hold the knots between your fingers and pull the needle through the fabric. Pull the threads through the knots.
This is how it looks on one side.
And this is the other side!
Two more variations. The one at the left side has a bead at the top. I did this by adding it to the threads with a second needle before I made the last step of this stitch. The one on the right leaning forward is a half square knot variation. If you make the first half of this stitch only, it will twist. If you make the second half of this stitch only, it will twist the other way!


  1. Awesome stitch and awesome tutorial. I'm almost tempted to try. But I think I'll stick to trying to turn it into a tangle pattern!

  2. Great stitch! Reminds me of a tatting stitch, and you've certainly sparked some ideas. Thank you.

  3. Great ..I just lke it..thanks for linking to my blog postruenes..

  4. Excellent!! Iam going to try this one.
    Love from India,

  5. what a great blog you have~!
    i am going to have to give this one a try~!!~


  6. Annet, thanks for the comments in my blog on muvvala is the more versatile can make small flowers too and you can develop the stitch further in many more variations..

    1. Lakshmi was keen to read your blog. Please help. Thanks.😊

  7. What a great stitch. I found it easier to thread the two threads on to a separate needle each because of my stiff fingers, this will certainly come in handy with my reef pictures. I like the idea of working each half of the stitch to make them twist.

    Love your blog have to thank Lakshmi for directing me to it.

  8. Now, I found something really very useful and beautiful moreover. This Square knot drizzle stitch is something I never heard of, and never knew anything about drizzle stitch up to now. I feel like a stitching baby....

  9. hi,
    ihavent seen such a great idea with macrame any

    where, bcos iused to search new things in embroideries and arts. wow. excellent idea super creator

  10. I have just discovered your blog through stitchinfingers and I want to congratulate you on your Pebbles and these stitch tutorials especially. I tried to go to Laksmi's blog to see her flowers but was denied access. Pity, as I have seen some of her work in Sharon's TAST and would have liked to see more. Yours is very interesting, so I will stay here. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for mentioning the link is not working anymore. Lakshmi has a new blog, so I changed the link. Now it will bring you to her pretty square knot flowers.

  11. Annet Sorry for all the inconvenience..i had no option other than to close my old blog..
    thank you for reminding me about macrame knots..want to put in to practice all the ideas i have in mind..
    in my new home most of the time going for house cores or going to mom's place today..have to try macrame knots once i am back..


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